My worship pastor and I were joking this past week, because it seems that every time I lead on a weekend, things go wrong, lol!  We just had our Easter services and they were great!  The next week, I led, and things just went whack!  …you know when there are little trolls inside the sound board that laugh as they turn knobs and mess things up, and then the monitors don’t work or the channels are assigned wrong, and so on and so on!

I was talking to a friend about all the craziness of the morning, and it seems so typical to say, “When the devil is at work, you know God is up to something.” ;)  Sometimes, I think those moments can even be a revelation of our own hearts and God’s constant grace at work in our lives.  Sometimes I hate the things that my heart reveals…Matt Chandler (Pastor of the Village Church in TX) said that, “We want to be the point!”  He is right!  Our flesh is constantly crying out to be recognized. We just want to be the point!  But we are not the point…

The point is that JESUS is the point!  Romans 11:36 says, “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.”  HE is the point!  It is not about us, it is not about us, it is NOT ABOUT US!  In a “me-filled” culture full of selfies and blogs about “me,” I know I’m not alone, because we all have this nasty, ugly spirit inside of us called the flesh.  This is why I am thankful for God’s spirit…constantly at work in us.  I’m thankful for His constant reminders and for the awkward moments that bring us back to the reality of the purpose of HIS glory and not ours!  How cool is that???

When I was little, I used to think that God only used the “super spiritual” people ;)  I’m beginning to realize that the more aware we are of our weaknesses, the more He is recognized!  “…for My power is made perfect in weakness.  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me…”  It’s a wonder why we avoid looking weak if it means He is more clearly recognized.  No one wants to look weak or needy.  That’s a sign of weakness.  No matter how ugly our hearts may be, God in His grace still chooses to use us, messy and unlikely people to reveal to the rest of the world that…HE IS THE POINT!